Wunny Sharbits (Sometimes known as a Sharkbunny), are the most dangerous mutants of all time, they are a cross between a bunny, a shark, and a chainsaw. They are wild mutants that live in the forest, but Peri has tried to make one wunny socially accepted.


Normally, wunny sharbits have the appearance of a cute brown rabbit with large blue eyes, but they have rows of shark teeth that buzz like a chainsaw. Their teeth are extremely sharp and can chomp through almost anything, including trees and rocks. Wunny sharbits are carnivorous and will eat any animal they come across, including ones many times their own size. They can't talk, although one has been able to communicate with a translator collar.


  • Wunny sharbits do not seem to chew, as several mutants have been swallowed by a wunny and survived.
  • They have a territory that includes a section of the forest and the beach.