Wingus is a super-intelligent clairvoyant bird that lives on Two-Leg Joes butt (or Joe is the rhino that lives on his feet.) as he likes to put it. This is somewhat accurate, as Joe's foot began to grow out from Wingus' foot when he was young. Elders of the young lord's species suggested removing the "growth" as they called it, but he refused. Soon, Joe could run around, overtaking Wingus' ability to run. Wingus left and took Joe with him. Wingus has psychic powers and activates lasers to protect Joe from enemies. Joe then forgot about Wingus and always just thought that Wingus was the bird on his butt. Wingus finally talked to Joe after all those years to help him get rid of his temper, which he did not acheive in his own time.

Wingus is a skilled swordsman (In advanced piñata defence), speaks in a wise Zen tone- and has the mysterious ability to see both the past and future. He only talks to Joe, as he doesn't like the other mutants to know that he can talk and he is lonely and seperated from his own kind.